Lake Nakuru National Park is found in Central Kenya in the Nakuru District of the Rift Valley Province. The park consists of the lake which is surrounded by mainly wooded and bushy grassland. The water coverage makes up around one third of the total area of the park.

1The land was initially protected as a conservation area in 1957 before becoming a national park in 1960. It is now one of Kenya’s two Premium Parks. It was originally conceived as a bird sanctuary as the region is an important stop on the African-Eurasian migratory flyway. Today the area is rich in bird life with over 400 resident species on the lake or in the surrounding park.

One of the major attractions of Lake Nakuru are the thousands, sometimes millions of flamingos who nest along the shores. The flamingos feed on the algae from the lake which thrives in warm water. Scientists believe that the flamingo population eats on average around 250,000 kg of algae per hectare of surface area annually.

Lake Nakuru National Park is the only fully fenced park in Kenya. The fences help maintain a sanctuary for Rothschild giraffes and black and white rhinos. This sanctuary was the first national rhino sanctuary and hosts one of the world’s highest concentrations of black rhino. Additional species found in the park include lions, cheetahs and leopards, waterbucks and even pythons among others.